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Muji Minimalist Tiny House Goes On Sale in Japan for $27k

Muji Tiny Hut

Muji, everyone’s favorite brand-that-is-no-brand, debuted a new tiny house — a really tiny house, at that — for sale in Japan. Measuring in at 9 square meters (less than 100 square feet), the Muji Hut is expected to retail for about $27,000 USD.

Unlike many tiny house designs, the Muji Hut sits on a concrete slab, making it significantly less portable than its more common wheeled brethren. No plumbing or bathing facilities are shown or mentioned, and no plans have been announced for selling the hut outside of Japan.

While it looks more like a backyard studio than an actual dwelling, the design is elegant and cozy and could be a good starting point for a real usable little home. Maybe stitch three or four together with a courtyard in the middle for a tiny urban villa?


Via Curbed




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