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Look Up And LOL – Emojis Stare Down From Dutch Facade


If civilization as we know it disappears tomorrow, what will be left of our digital culture for future archaeologists to discover?

Emojis, an ephemeral phenomenon if there ever was one, have now gained some long-term stability – like the figures on an ancient Greek frieze or a Gothic gargoyle staring down from above, emojis decorate the facade of a mixed-use building in the Dutch city of Amersfoort.

Changiz Tehrani of Attika Architekten designed the building with the emoji era in mind – a symbolic reminder of when the building was built.

Cast in concrete, these emojis are made to last longer than a Snapchat message — maybe even longer than embarrassing MySpace photos lingering around in the Cloud somewhere, waiting for a future employer to stumble upon.


Photos: Attika Architekten/photographer Bart van Hoek

Via ArtNet News