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Mapa Minimod Prefabs Tread Lightly on the Brazilian Terrain

MAPA_minimod_twilightPhoto Courtesy Mapa

Similar in style to the recently announced 100 square foot Muji prefab hut, Mapa, an architectural firm based in Brazil and Uruguay, designed these prefabs to be built offsite and delivered to a remote location with minimal finishing.

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The Cords Are Alright

Cord management, cord shmanagement… these designs celebrate the electrical infrastructure of our daily lives.

amsterdam minimal house

Gino Sarfatti, Model 2097 30 (1958)

toio lamp-achille-castiglioni1

Achille Castiglioni, Toio Lamp (1962)

amsterdam minimal house

Amsterdam Interior


Form Us With Love, Cord LampĀ  (2007)


Panto Beam, Verner Panton (1998)

Parentesi Lamp Castiglioni

Parentesi Lamp, Achille Castiglioni (1971)


Sherwood Tube Amplifier


This 1960 or 1961 Sherwood tube stereo amp is 64 watts per channel – very powerful for a tube amp. It is detailed and spacious, whether listening online, to a CD or vinyl. It was designed and built in Chicago in a factory on North California Street.

Shipping Container Shops

Nespresso Shipping Container

Nespresso Shipping Container

Two uses of shipping containers being used as retail buildings, one on a narrow lot on a busy street and one as a temporary shop near the site of the America’s Cup race. The Nespresso shop provided a much more substantial building than the other temporary buildings and tents in the area.

Aether Shipping Container

Nespresso Shipping Container